Laser Hair Removal

Clinically proven LHE (light & heat energy) technology delivers lasting hair removal with unsurpassed safety and effectiveness.
Using a unique combination of light and heat energies, LHE hair removal significantly inhibits future hair growth.

  • Safe - LHE targets the hair follicle while protecting the surrounding skin
  • Quick - Some systems clear an entire back in less than 15 minutes 
  • For Everyone - Treats all skin types and hair colors

LHE®  ( Radiancy )

How it Works

A human hair is composed of   3 main parts:​                    

                      The hair shaf

                      The follicle

                      The bulb


To remove hair and damage the bulb, LHE treatments send out a very low and ultra-save wave of light. The light generates heat which is also drawn into the hair follicle. The heat continues to flow through the hair shaft and transfer down to the bulb, destroying it and inhibiting hair growth at its source

Before            After