Nail Care
Manicure                                                $ 10  
Pedicure                                                 $ 20
Manicure & Pedicure                           $30  
French Manicure                                  $ 15    
French Pedicure                                    $ 25
French Manicure & Pedicure             $ 40  
Spa Manicure                                         $ 25
Spa Pedicure                                          $ 30
Spa Manicure & Pedicure                    $ 55
OPI GelColor Manicure                       $ 30
OPI GelColor Pedicure                         $ 45
OPI Gel Color French                           $ 40


Through patented technology, French Wrap and French Wrap Plus are the first line of products to give natural nails a perfect French manicure (or pedicure) that lasts up to weeks at a time. Simple application. Easy removal. Perfect smile lines, every time. Now all professionals can achieve consistent, non-chipping, long-lasting flawless French color.

OPI GelColor: A New LED-Cured Soak-Off Gel

OPI GelColor is available in 28 shades. The formula requires just 30 seconds in an LED box to cure, and promises at least a two-week chip-free finish no thicker than nail polish. Soak-off time should be only 10 minutes.