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Blush & Glow Facial       $ 70

Based in the analysis of your skin. cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, massage, therapeutic serum and mask designed especially for you. This is a relaxing but serious skin treatment that should be repeated monthly.

Glow Facial                         $ 50

Enjoy the simple pleasure of  a mini-facial. Basic cleansing, steam, relaxing massage and mask. For all skin types.

Blush Care Facial               $ 70

TEEN facial to deal with hormonal changes. Cleanse and treat breakout, oiliness and sensitivity skin. Our esthetician will educate and provide home care maintenance.

Deep Back Facial                 $ 85

It is a relaxing facial in your back!!. This treatment removes blackheads, blemishes or any skin inpurit. The result is a clean and beautiful bare back.

Deep Clean Pore Facial        $ 80

For skin that is breakout-prone, has clogged pores or blackheads and whiteheads. Helps reduce the sebum production and detoxifies the skin. Resulting in a fresher and clear complexion, did out pain or skin irritation.

Vitamin “C”                            $ 85

It's a powerful anti-oxidant treatment that repairs, the sun damage and the signs of aging. This treatment rejuvenates and strengthens connective tissue for firm healthier, and younger appearance of the skin.

24K Gold with Collagen Anti-aging        $ 95

Lifts and firms, reduce the appearance the fine lines, wrinkles, sun damages and age spot . Eradicates free radicals, and provides a golden glow.

Dermaplaning                       $ 80

It is a superficial procedure that involves a physical exfoliation

using a surgical blade that removes the top layer of dead skin, it is able to remove the fine and vellus hair of you face. It makes the surface of your skin looking smoother and shiner.